5-Movie Stephen King Collection Coming To Blu-Ray This Month

Pet Sematary

Very few people have found their work adapted for both the big and small screen as regularly as prolific author Stephen King, who has proven to be a goldmine for Hollywood ever since horror classic Carrie was first released all the way back in 1976.

Since then, the Stephen King well has been revisited countless times with 52 movies and 30 TV shows materializing, covering everything from box office smash hits to colossal failures, spawning cult favorites and all-time greats in a variety of genres that include such diverse output as The Running Man and The Shining to The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption.

The latest boom period is still ongoing, with The Stand set to debut on CBS in December and a further eight shows in various stages of development, not to mention eleven feature-length films. The royalties alone that King is raking in must be seriously impressive, and that number is only going to get higher now that a five-movie collection of adaptations is scheduled to arrive on Blu-Ray on September 15th.

The titles in question have seemingly been picked at random as forgotten 1985 werewolf tale Silver Bullet finds itself alongside both the original 1989 version of Pet Sematary and last year’s remake, David Cronenberg’s 1983 cult classic The Dead Zone with Christopher Walken and the four-episode miniseries based on The Stand that first aired in 1994.

That’s a pretty eclectic and unrelated collection to release as part of the same set, but diehard Stephen King fans will no doubt get a kick out of seeing some of the more overlooked and obscure entries from his back catalogue given the high-definition treatment and bundled together for the not-unreasonable price of $27.99.