A James Gunn Film Is Weirdly #1 In Horror On Amazon For Halloween

James Gunnn

While James Gunn is known for his amazing Marvel and DC films these days, it’s not like he hasn’t dabbled around with the horror genre a bit. He worked as a writer on both Dawn of the Dead, The Belko Experiment, and Slither for just a few examples.

However, it’s one of his latest films that is somehow taking over Amazon in the horror category despite it making no sense. The Suicide Squad is definitely more of a superhero film than anything, but for some reason, a fan noticed that it’s the number one movie for sale rate now in the unexpected category.

When it was pointed out to him, Gunn Tweeted a witty thank you for the confusing but impressive achievement.

We’re not sure why it’s in that category either unless it’s just because it’s scary good! The Suicide Squad broke pandemic-era box office records when it first released and is by far one of the most popular DC films to come out in a while.

So while it’s not really a great horror film, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it if you grab the new Blu-Ray for a Halloween watch session.