One Of The Avengers Will Reportedly Try To Hunt Down Spider-Man


People that didn’t stick around during the credits of Spider-Man: Far From Home wouldn’t even have realized that Peter Parker had his secret identity revealed to the world by J.K. Simmons’ surprise cameo as J. Jonah Jameson until much later, but it will nonetheless act as the driving force behind the plot of the web-slinger’s third solo adventure.

While story details about the delayed sequel remain vague, fans seem convinced that the movie will be titled Home Run based on what we know so far, with Spider-Man attempting to evade the authorities also presenting the ideal opportunity to introduce heavily-rumored villain Kraven the Hunter into the mix.

Of course, with this being the MCU, there are also bound to be other characters after him as well, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us that Netflix is doing an Extraction sequel and a She-Hulk show is coming to Disney Plus – that one of the most powerful Avengers will try and put Spidey behind bars.

According to our intel, by the time of Captain Marvel 2, Peter won’t have cleared his name entirely – despite his efforts in Spider-Man 3 – and thinking he’s still a criminal, Carol will attempt to hunt him down and put him in jail. We imagine that he’ll be able to fully clear his name eventually and get Brie Larson’s heroine back on his side, but for at least part of the film, she’ll be going after him. Which will surely put paid to the crush he’s said to develop on her as well, with our sources telling us that once he finds out she’s on his tail, those feelings will be gone.

Of course, Spider-Man and Captain Marvel have been heavily rumored to be positioned as the faces of the franchise moving forward, and initially pitting them against each other would certainly be one way of establishing their differing viewpoints and approaches to the superhero business.