Two New Batman Ninja Clips Accompany The Film’s Blu-Ray Release


Although it’s not from the usual line of DC Universe animated movies, Batman Ninja sure did have a lot of buzz preceding its debut. But now that audiences have had time to digest the flick, it’s proven to be highly divisive. Then again, that shouldn’t come as much of a shock given how this is such a radically different take on the Dark Knight and his supporting characters.

Of course, we’d seen our share of trailers and clips in months prior, but now Warner Bros. have offered up a couple more to provide consumers with incentive now that the film has had its Blu-ray release. Being someone who’s witnessed what it has to offer in full, I’m not surprised in the slightest that these sneak peeks are more conservative in nature.

I say that because the third act is where moviegoers often diverged in opinion; either you dig the crazy, far out concepts or you don’t. The first clip (seen at the top) hints at what’s to come by having the Caped Crusader prep other members of the Bat Family for all-out war by mentioning “the person inside the machine,” which is in reference to something you’ll have to see to believe.

As for the second clip, that one allows the curious to sample the beginning of a climactic sword fight involving Batman and the Joker and, much like the calmer scene we just discussed, it takes place moments before occurrences which are completely bonkers, to be plain and simple. Again, this isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, and you shouldn’t go in expecting something akin to 2008’s Gotham Knight.

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