Birds Of Prey Star Teases A DCEU Return For Huntress


Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey may have flopped at the box office and become the DCEU’s lowest-grossing installment by well over $100 million – if you don’t count pandemic-era releases Wonder Woman 1984 and The Suicide Squad, that is – but it has already found long-lasting life as a cult favorite.

The movie trends regularly for no other reason than fans deciding to remind their fellow social media users of how great it is, but a recent spate of rumors has been hinting that HBO Max could be the destination for an entire shared universe of spinoffs. When Jurnee Smollett was confirmed to be returning for a standalone Black Canary adventure that would air exclusively on streaming, it was inevitable that more members of the titular team would be subjected to similar speculation.

Sure enough, in the last couple of days alone we’ve heard talk that a Harley Quinn episodic series is in development, while Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Huntress has also been rumored for the Black Canary treatment. Of course, none of this has been confirmed or corroborated yet, and in a new interview to promote upcoming Netflix actioner Kate, it didn’t sound as though the actress is gearing up for an imminent return.

“I’m down for anything, really. I think Huntress is such a fun character, I don’t know if there’s any plans in the future to continue that version of Huntress, because there’s a few different versions out there, in the comic books there’s different versions, so I don’t know if that’s what’s in store. But I’m happy I got the chance to do at least one iteration of her and if that iteration continues then I’d love to be a part of it, but we’ll see what happens.”

Winstead hardly shot down the idea, though, and with Black Canary setting a precedent, it definitely can’t be ruled out that at least a couple of supporting players from Birds of Prey could be welcomed back into the DCEU. Robbie is already raring to go as Harley again, but if all the rumors pan out, then she’ll have plenty of company.