Best Buy Reveals Exclusive Avengers: Infinity War Steelbook Blu-Ray


As if Avengers: Infinity War opening to an unprecedented $641 million worldwide wasn’t sufficient enough of a haul, you can now pre-order the film that’s directly responsible for several unbreakable box office records.

Although Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has yet to announce the home release officially, retailer Best Buy listed a since-removed street date of August 14th. Meanwhile, the website New DVD Release Dates currently has the blockbuster hitting home media on August 21st. However, seeing as films typically premiere digitally two weeks ahead of the scheduled release date, Infinity War could be available as early as July 31st or August 7th, should the summer release window hold true.

So far, retailer exclusives are known to include a gorgeous Steelbook from Best Buy, and a Funko Pop gift set at Target. The former’s Steelbook, which features Thanos (Josh Brolin) on the cover wielding the Infinity Gauntlet complete with the Infinity Stones, includes a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc, a Blu-ray disc and a digital code. Available to pre-order for $34.99, you’ll want to act fast in order to secure your copy.

Target’s exclusive gift set, on the other hand, will feature the film on Blu-ray and a shiny variant Infinity War Iron Man vinyl figure. Available only to Target REDCard holders, the gift set can be pre-ordered for $41.99, while the company will also offer a 4K UHD exclusive, selling for $32.99 – though they’ve yet to reveal what the “exclusive” will be.

If you can’t wait until August to quench your insatiable thirst for MCU memorabilia, Target is also offering an exclusive 40-page behind the scenes booklet with the Black Panther Blu-ray, which offers up a great glimpse into the making of Ryan Coogler’s hit film that took everyone by storm back in February. Look for that one to hit store shelves on May 15th.