Captain America 4 Will Reportedly Feature 2 Returning Villains


The new Cap will return.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ended with Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson finally stepping up as the next Sentinel of Liberty and it’s been reliably reported that Marvel Studios is working on handing him his own movie. So far, details on Captain America 4 are slim, but we can surely safely say that Sebastian Stan will be back as Bucky Barnes. What’s more, a couple of other major players from previous Cap films may turn up, too.

We’ve heard from our sources this week – the same ones who told us about the project well before it was announced – that Cap 4 will see the return of not one, but two villains who battled Steve Rogers in the past. Namely, Marvel is hoping to include both Baron Zemo and Red Skull. Further details on how they’ll factor in remain unclear, but it’s fair to say that one of these characters is a natural fit for the pic while the other’s involvement is much more of a surprise.

Daniel Bruhl made his return as Zemo in Falcon, with the show leaving his next move open ended. Yes, he’s currently locked up in the Raft, but he managed to orchestrate the deaths of the Flag Smashers from the inside and also appears to have a powerful ally in Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Contessa Valentina. Seeing as we suspect he may be headed for the Thunderbolts, it makes sense that he could show up in the film.

Meanwhile, Red Skull having a role is somewhat out of left field, seeing as he morphed into the Guardian of the Soul Stone on Vormir in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. It’s been theorized that Johann Schmidt is now released from his servitude, however, so this could be how he returns to Earth in the present day to cause trouble for SamCap.

Captain America 4 is being penned by Falcon‘s Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson, with a director yet to be announced. It’s going to take its time in getting here, but it sounds like this film could be the perfect continuation of the Chris Evans trilogy when it does.