Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Shares Childhood Throwback Pic With Captain America


Brie Larson may have a lot of critics, but it now seems like she was destined to play Captain Marvel from a very early age. The Academy Award-winning actress recently shared a throwback picture on Instagram that shows her as a child hanging out with a man dressed as Captain America. Back in those days, the superhero wasn’t nearly as popular as he is now and the fact that Larson has a picture with him proves that she was always meant to take on the role of Carol Danvers and fight alongside Steve Rogers. Either that or it’s one heck of a coincidence.

It’s a shame that Chris Evans isn’t on the social media app or else he’d likely have something funny to say about the interesting piece of foreshadowing. The pic becomes even more eerie when realizing that the thirty-year-old’s character is now set to take on Captain America’s role in the MCU, as Danvers’ presence in the cinematic universe continues to grow despite the visceral reaction from many fans online.

Larson has frequently been the target of petitions to replace her in the franchise, along with being subject to disparaging fan edits and nasty YouTube comments. She claims to be unfazed by all of the criticism, but it seems like Disney might not be.

Recent reports have said that the company’s lost confidence in the actress. These rumors are bolstered by the fact that they’ve recently removed her from the marketing campaign for their upcoming streaming service, too. For now, however, Larson still has the part and will presumably be the face the MCU for the foreseeable future.

After all, she’s currently under contract to appear in at least five more Marvel movies. Captain Marvel is clearly a role that she loves to play, too, and, judging from her latest Instagram post, may’ve always been preordained to take on.