Catwoman And Bane Feature In First Batman: Hush Clips


When the Batman: Hush animated movie adaptation was finally announced at long last one year ago, I was among the many rejoicing. Seriously, it felt like the Powers That Be were really dragging their feet on allowing for the fan favorite story making the jump from the printed page, but we’ll be able to see it in full soon enough.

For the time being, we have two clips to whet our appetites.

The first of the two, which can viewed at the top of this article, shows the Dark Knight saving a kidnapped boy from Bane. If the musclebound brute sounds dumber than usual to you, you’re really onto something, because his new supply of Venom is really taking a toll on his otherwise impressive intellect.

Fans of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s comic book will find this to be familiar territory, only Bane is in Killer Croc’s place. My best guess is that the change was made because we already saw Croc being mutated in a way similar in the Son of Batman flick, and it wouldn’t make sense to retread that material here. Don’t forget, this film takes place within the same New 52-inspired continuity.

Next up is a scene that plays out pretty much verbatim to what was originally offered in the comic. As you can see, Batman chases Catwoman across rooftops following the aforementioned scuffle with Bane. I won’t spoil much for the newbies out there, but something pivotal is about to happen to the Caped Crusader seconds after when the footage cuts off.

Of course, not everything from a 12-issue arc will be retained for a movie that’ll likely run for 75-90 minutes, though the Batman-Catwoman romance thankfully remains intact. In my view, that was one of the major bullet points needed to be addressed in the adaptation, so I’m glad it’s front and center. Heck, there have even been statues made preserving the kiss shared by those icons in the comic for the ages.

If you’re attending San Diego Comic-Con this Friday night, be sure to make your way over to the world premiere screening of Batman: Hush. As for the rest of us, we won’t have to wait much longer, as the Blu-ray release has been pushed up to August 6th.