New Clip From The Death Of Superman Soars Online


After taking in Batman Ninja not long ago, I must say that a palette cleanser’s in order – one which looks like it’ll arrive soon enough in the form of The Death of Superman. Having made that bold statement, you may wonder how I can have nearly blind confidence in something, but the folks who put together the films making up the standard DC Universe animated line have very rarely let me down.

Granted, this is the second time this material has been adapted to an animated flick (Superman: Doomsday first took a stab at it back in 2007), but now the story has much more room to breathe because it’ll be split into two movies: The Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen.

For now, though, let’s narrow the focus to the first in the two-part epic, shall we?

As per usual, DC All Access has come through yet again, this time delivering an exclusive clip taken from Big Blue’s next direct-to-video adventure (at the 13:30 mark, to be exact). In it, we see the more tender side of the Man of Steel as he shares a moment with the one and only Lois Lane.

Not meaning to get sidetracked, I can’t help wondering how Wonder Woman will react to this romance, as the movie fits into the New 52-inspired continuity began by Justice League: War back in 2014. In the time since, it’s been well established that Clark and Diana are dating in this universe, so I’d like to see that subject addressed, even if only briefly.

Beyond that, producer James Tucker chats with DCAA co-host Tiffany Smith about retrofitting the story told in the classic graphic novel for this ongoing series of films. As usual, changes have to be made in order for things to make sense, but again, this team is known for hitting grand slams.

The Death of Superman will be made available via Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD formats on August 7 (pre-order here).