Daredevil’s Next MCU Appearance Has Reportedly Been Revealed


It’s now been over a year since Daredevil season 3 hit our screens, bringing the Netflix series to an early close, but in the time since, fans haven’t stopped campaigning for Charlie Cox’s Man Without Fear to be brought back in some way and be integrated into the MCU. And while Marvel aren’t allowed to make any moves with any of the Defenders until at least 2020 – due to contractual obligations – we already know that Kevin Feige and co. have every intention of bringing the group into their cinematic universe, even if it seems a few of the heroes may be rebooted with new actors.

But for Matt Murdock in particular, we’ve already told you that Cox is likely to return to the role in future MCU films, which has seemingly been corroborated by MCU Cosmic, too. And now, we’re hearing a bit more on the situation, with our sources – the same ones who told us the Inhumans will be rebooted and show up in Ms. Marvel, a Nova movie is already in active development and about the Rey/Palpatine twist in The Rise of Skywalker, all of which have since been confirmed – saying that Daredevil’s next MCU appearance has been decided upon.

From what we’ve been told, it’ll be Spider-Man 3 where he shows up next (as expected), and this fits in pretty well with previous reports that have said Murdock might be assisting Peter Parker now that he needs a lawyer after being outed at the end of Far From Home. It’s unclear how heavily he’ll factor into things and if his role will extend throughout the entire film or it’ll just be a brief part to remind audiences that he’s still out there in the MCU, but the upcoming threequel will indeed mark his next appearance in the franchise.

Of course, with Spider-Man 3 still a few years out, we want to stress that the studio could ultimately change their mind and save him for another movie instead. But at the moment, this is the route they’re heading down and apparently, it’ll lead to some exciting things for the Defender in the MCU. After all, both a standalone movie and a fourth season of the hit show have been said to be on the cards, with Feige apparently a very big fan of Cox’s portrayal of the hero.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. For now, Spider-Man 3 seems to be where you’ll see Daredevil in the MCU next, and given that this intel is from the same sources who also told us that Feige wants Cox back in the role in the first place, which trusted Hollywood insider Daniel RPK has since corroborated, we have no reason to doubt it.

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