Emily Blunt Says Superhero Movies Don’t Appeal To Her

Emily Blunt

If things had worked out differently, Emily Blunt could have joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe well over a decade ago, but scheduling conflicts got in the way more than once. The actress was forced to turn down two roles in the franchise, having been wanted for both Captain America: The First Avenger‘s Peggy Carter and Iron Man 2‘s Natasha Romanoff, while she was one of the early names touted for Captain Marvel as well.

All three of the actresses who ultimately ended up landing those parts all put their own stamp on their respective characters, becoming key parts of the mythology in the process. However, Blunt has regularly been touted as a fan favorite choice for Sue Storm in Jon Watts’ upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, while husband John Krasinski said he’d love to talk to Kevin Feige about Reed Richards.

In a new interview, Blunt was once again asked about her chances of joining a superhero franchise, which is probably getting quite irritating for her after hearing it so often, and she once again poured cold water on the notion.

“I really understand that superhero movies are like a religion for a lot of people. They don’t appeal to me in the same way. I don’t have this burning desire to play a superhero.”

We’ve heard countless times already that the Golden Globe winning star is either Marvel’s first choice for Sue Storm, she’s been in talks for the role or has already turned it down dating back to almost the second the rights to Fantastic Four landed back in Feige’s lap, and she keeps shooting down the rumors.

Either it’s a genius bit of misdirection or she simply isn’t interested in the slightest, and based on how often she’s hinted that it’s the latter, it’s starting to appear as though the Emily Blunt/MCU ship may have already sailed over ten years ago.