Evil Dead Unrated Version Finally Coming To Blu-Ray


Now that Ash vs. Evil Dead has been cancelled, the future of the property feels shrouded in mystery, with no one involved in the franchise seeming entirely sure if or when we might ever get to return to the morbid world of the Deadites. While we wait for further news on what’s to come though, fans now have an excellent excuse to revisit the carnage of 2013’s Evil Dead, with the extended “Unrated” cut of Fede Alvarez’s surprisingly well-received remake finally making its way to Blu-ray in the United States.

This longer, gorier version of the horror flick already got a digital release back in October 2016, boasting an extra five minutes of footage that includes some of the more gruesome moments that were left out of the R-rated theatrical edition. And now, at long last, the extended version is making its way to physical format, with the two discs of the upcoming Blu-ray breaking down as follows:

DISC 1: Unrated Version

DISC 2: R-Rated Version:

  • Audio Commentary
  • Making Life Difficult Featurette
  • Directing The Dead Featurette
  • Being Mia Featurette
  • Unleashing the Evil Force Featurette

All this will be available to purchase from October 23rd.

Evil Dead Remake

Just as Sony took its sweet time getting this Unrated Blu-ray to us, it’ll probably be a long time before a sequel to Alvarez’s film ever makes its way to theaters. Nonetheless, the Don’t Breathe director has suggested that he’d be open to returning to the property if he were given the right story to tell, and the franchise’s former star Bruce Campbell seems to concur that we shouldn’t rule out seeing another Evil Dead quite yet.

In the meantime, for anyone itching to see some blood-soaked cabin action from the comfort of their living room, this new Blu-ray might be just the fix they need.