Henry Cavill Is Reportedly Very Upset With Warner Bros. Right Now

Henry Cavill

The constant chatter surrounding Henry Cavill‘s future both inside and outside of the DCEU became so deafening that the actor had to step in, taking to social media and politely asking fans to stop gossiping on his personal and professional life, which he then followed up by signing on to a pair of new projects after committing to Netflix’s Enola Holmes sequel and the long-gestating Highlander reboot.

In the interim, the man who is still regarded as Warner Bros. and DC Films’ canonical Superman has found himself linked to dozens upon dozens of projects, with insider Daniel Richtman typically at the forefront of the rumor mill. Additionally, the tipster has offered up a myriad of often conflicting statements about Cavill’s relationship or lack thereof with the studio, and the latest from Richtman is that The Witcher star is upset with WB because they’ve been ignoring him.

Of course, it was just a few weeks ago that Richtman posited the exact opposite by reporting that Cavill had stopped talking to WB, despite their repeated offers of DCEU cameos across the upcoming slate of comic book blockbusters. In fact, he then doubled down on that notion by intimating the company had repeatedly reached out to the 38 year-old about suiting up as Superman for the first time since Joss Whedon’s Justice League reshoots ended, but he wasn’t interested.

The only people who know where the truth lies appear to be Henry Cavill himself and the Warner Bros. top brass, but one thing we do know for certain is that he’s got at least one more movie left on his contract, so unless the boardroom decide to pay him off we can hold onto the sliver of hope that Zack Snyder’s Superman will be back on our screens one day.