WB Reportedly Still Offering Henry Cavill Superman Cameos


Henry Cavill is currently busy shooting season 2 of The Witcher, which is still going on over a year after cameras started rolling, with the production having been halted several times after an enforced shutdown as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, before it was stopped once again last November due to a minor COVID-19 outbreak among the crew, but you can guarantee that he’s more than aware of the online firestorm swirling around J.J. Abrams’ Superman reboot.

The reaction to the new movie hasn’t been overwhelmingly positive to put it lightly, especially when fans had been holding out hope for years that a Man of Steel sequel might one day materialize. It’s pretty clear now that it won’t after Warner Bros. decided to make the next standalone outing for the comic book Kryptonian a fresh start, but that doesn’t mean Cavill’s time under the cape is over.

It was inevitable that the Enola Holmes star would find himself the subject of a thousand headlines once the Superman story became public knowledge, with insider Daniel Richtman now claiming that the studio are offering Cavill the chance to cameo in a number of upcoming DCEU projects in order to placate him, but he’s reportedly pretty angry with them and it’s unclear if he’s willing to return in that capacity.

Of course, the 37 year-old is still under contract as the franchise’s canonical Superman, and if there is indeed a stalemate going on behind the scenes, then it only ends in one of two ways. Either WB buy him out of the deal he extended last summer, pay him off and get rid of his Kal-El completely, or they simply stop playing nice, exercise their legal and contractual rights as his employer, point to the small print and tell him exactly where he’s going to show up next.