No Four Hour Director’s Cut On The Wolf Of Wall Street Blu-Ray

The Wolf of Wall Street

Yesterday we reported that there might be a four hour director’s cut included on The Wolf of Wall Street Blu-Ray. Today, however, we can tell you that unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) that will not be the case.

According to Paramount Home Entertainment (via Rope of Silicon), the version of The Wolf of Wall Street that will arrive on Blu-Ray and DVD will be the movie that we all went to see in theatres. No director’s cut, no extended edition, no four hour orgy, no more f-words. Sorry, guys, the movie will be released as seen. 

Honestly, is anyone really surprised about this announcement? Director Martin Scorsese is famous for his stringent belief that the theatrical release is the finished product. Unlike his fellow auteurs Ridley Scott or Francis Ford Coppola, Scorsese does not do director’s cuts. While he may have liked his four-hour version, Scorsese has said on several occasions that it was a ‘first draft’ and that the film shall stand as it is.

This announcement does not necessarily mean that we might not see deleted scenes on The Wolf of Wall Street Blu-Ray; just that those scenes will not be cut into some massive orgiastic display of financial and cinematic hubris. This, by the way, seems like a good thing to me. Without putting too fine a point on it, The Wolf of Wall Street was still overlong by about half an hour (at least). While some may clamor for more hedonism and excess on their screens, you can get that from many another film.  

You can let us know what you think about the lack of a four hour cut in the comments. Do you wish that Martin Scorsese would break his own rule, just this once?