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Hugh Jackman pretends he’s friends with Ryan Reynolds to hype R-rated Marvel content coming to Disney Plus

Hugh Jackman is celebrating 'Logan' and 'Deadpool' coming to Disney Plus.


Hugh Jackman is touting his fake friendship with Ryan Reynolds to celebrate the first R-rated movies coming to Disney Plus that both the aforementioned actors star in: Logan and the Deadpool duology, respectively.

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The wholesome gentleman, who is currently starring in The Music Man on Broadway, shared a post of Reynolds in his full Deadpool costume as they shared a warm embrace.

“Thank you [Disney Plus] for adding brothers-in-arms [Deadpool] and [Logan] as the first R-Rated movies on the platform. While your choice is questionable, we’ll take it,” the longtime Wolverine wrote.

In case you’re not already aware, Reynolds and Jackman have a bit of a friendly rivalry, and often have public exchanges of insults and/or one-upmanship with each other. It’s all in good fun, though, even though we know they’re pals in real life. However, Jackman as an actor was a subject of many jokes in the meta-humor-heavy Deadpool movie, including a monologue from the titular hero implying he had to do some quid-pro-quo favors for the Australian to get the movie made in the first place.

Reynolds also made a post celebrating the films hitting Disney Plus with a series of fake R-rated warning cards for classic Disney movies that probably shouldn’t be anywhere near a G-rating based on how traumatizing they are, such as Bambi and Old Yeller.

This all comes on the heels of a jaw-dropping, but somewhat expected announcement, from Disney Plus that Deadpool, Deadpool 2, and Logan would be hitting the streaming service Friday.

Unsurprisingly, many fans have speculated the move by Disney could signal some mutant-related announcements coming to the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con in the near future, including the future of the X-Men franchise in the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or more details forthcoming about the Shawn Levy-directed Deadpool 3.