Upcoming Idle Hands Blu-Ray To Get New Cast Commentary And More

Idle Hands

Scream Factory recently announced that they’re putting out a new Blu-ray of cult 1990s horror comedy Idle HandsAlthough not a commercial success on its theatrical release, Idle Hands has since built up a strong enough fanbase to justify the deluxe treatment from Scream Factory, who have now revealed that the collector’s edition will be packed with new features. Perhaps most excitingly, we’ll get a brand new cast commentary with Devon Sawa, Seth Green, Elden Henson, and Vivica A. Fox.

The Blu-ray is set to arrive on May 12th, 2020, and will also have a commentary track with director Rodman Flender, Green, and Henson. Other special features include an interview with Flender, who also provides commentary on deleted scenes, as well as separate interviews with Henson, Sean Whalen, and Christopher Hart, as well as writer Terri Hughes Burton. Fans of vintage 1990s content can enjoy a making-of featurette, with other features including storyboard comparisons and the original theatrical trailer for the movie.

Idle Hands‘ cast have mostly gone on to carve out successful careers, with Henson a regular on Daredevil and Green continuing to be a prolific writer and performer, having already built up a solid career at the time of Idle Hands‘s 1999 release. Devon Sawa, meanwhile, went on to co-star in the initial Final Destination picture, while Jessica Alba and Vivica A. Fox appeared in the picture at an early stage in their careers. Director Flender has also recently put out the very Idle Hands-sounding horror comedy Eat Brains Love.

While a sequel to Idle Hands doesn’t seem to be on the cards, despite Sawa being up for it, that Scream Factory have managed to collect most of the film’s cast and crew for the Blu-ray shows that there’s still a lot of love for the picture. And given that the movie’s possessed hand plot doesn’t really require much logic, we can’t see there being much in the way of piecing together a new screenplay that picks up the story 20 years later.