The Internet’s Roasting Evangeline Lilly For Her Coronavirus Apology


Hundreds of people are dying on a daily basis all around the world and entire countries are now on lockdown. Yes, the Coronavirus has become one of the biggest events in modern history and everyone’s beginning to realize just how dangerous and dire the situation really is. Or at least, almost everyone.

Celebrities being celebrities, we’ve seen a number of famous faces make some pretty dumb comments over the last week or two regarding the virus and the latest to do so is Ant-Man and The WaspThe Hobbit and Lost star Evangeline Lilly, who kicked up quite a stir a few days ago when she took to social media to tell her followers that life for her was #businessasusual, with the actress refusing to self-isolate. She also more or less said that the Coronavirus might be one big hoax and really down-played how serious it is.

Obviously, this didn’t sit too well with the internet and a few hours ago, Lilly hopped on Instagram to offer up an apology. But it seems it was too little too late, as it doesn’t appear as if anyone wants to accept it, with many people taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on Lilly’s actions. And as you can see below, a lot of folks just aren’t buying what she’s saying.

Yikes. Clearly, the actress’ apology hasn’t had the effect that she was perhaps hoping for. But still, it’s better than remaining silent and not saying anything and in time, we’re sure that people will come around and cool off. At least, we hope.

For now, though, the Ant-Man star is seemingly shedding fans by the hundreds. In fact, the only person that’s probably happy with Evangeline Lilly‘s comments is Vanessa Hudgens, who’s presumably pretty pleased that the internet is now hating on someone else.