New Justice League Featurette Examines The Flash’s Costume


These days, a superhero’s costume can be one of the most crucial elements when it comes to selling tickets to any given movie in the genre. Really, it may sound kind of inconsequential, but do you think anybody in today’s age is going to lay down cash to see a character if they think they look stupid? Needless to say, we’ve come a long way from the loose-fitting spandex and high trunks featured in the Batman film serials from the 1940’s.

And with Justice League serving as one of the Flash’s first big screen outings, it was very important that the filmmakers got the look right. Furthermore, and especially because another Scarlet Speedster who happens to be Barry Allen under the cowl is running around on TV, it was paramount that Ezra Miller’s version of the character look markedly different from that of Grant Gustin’s.

In this latest behind-the-scenes look at the big team-up flick, we’re given insight into the process that went into creating the Flash’s costume. As you no doubt surmised, it’s meant to look like Barry fashioned it himself, with director Zack Snyder wanting it to feature both low-tech and high-tech elements.

Personally, I really dug this costume because it’s kind reminiscent of the one seen in the Injustice games. Still, it’s important that we not grow too attached because one would think Barry will grant himself an upgrade of sorts in the upcoming Flashpoint film.

Justice League is now available digitally, with Blu-ray and DVD releases coming on March 13 (pre-order here). Will you be picking it up? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below.