Latest Marvel News: ‘Captain America 4’ producer teases Hulked-out Harrison Ford as the future of the Eternals is confirmed

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The grind never stops for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which comes with the territory for the most successful film and television franchise in history. There are countless film and television projects on the way, but it’s the buildup to Black Panther:Wakanda Forever that’s provided plenty of curious tidbits, with some of the MCU’s heaviest hitters out in force teasing the past, present, and future of Phase Four and beyond.

Will Captain America: New World Order see Harrison Ford embrace his inner monster?

The biggest talking point so far to emerge from Captain America: New World Order has nothing to do with Anthony Mackie’s star-spangled superhero, but Harrison Ford stepping into the breach to replace the late William Hurt as Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross.

Any self-respecting comic book fan knows that Bruce Banner’s arch-nemesis has turned into a rage monster of his own on occasion, so could the Indiana Jones and Star Wars icon really become the MCU’s Red Hulk? Well, according to producer Nate Moore, we’re going to have to “wait and see.”

The stars of the MCU’s worst-reviewed movie have a future after all

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Eternals supporters (star Barry Keoghan being prime among them) have been growing increasingly nervous over the team’s short and long-term future. The immortal aliens made a solid-if-unspectacular debut by bringing in $400 million at the box office while simultaneously headlining the MCU’s worst-reviewed installment ever, so questions were rightly being asked.

Thankfully, though, it’s since been confirmed that “we have not seen the last of those characters,” although it’s yet to be made clear whether or not we’ll be getting a standalone sequel, cameo appearances, or even a Disney Plus spinoff or two.

Ryan Coogler plays coy on Avengers: Secret Wars speculation

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As the director of a critical, commercial, and cultural phenomenon that’s got a massive and hotly-anticipated sequel on the way, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever director Ryan Coogler knows a thing or two about the high-pressure environment of the MCU.

The filmmaker has regularly been touted as a prime candidate to take the reins on the Multiverse Saga’s closing chapter Avengers: Secret Wars, but it sounds like we’re not getting a definitive answer until after the upcoming comic book blockbuster has released.

The Doctor isn’t in, but Doom will surface eventually

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One of the biggest rumors swirling around Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was the potential introduction of Doctor Doom, with the iconic villain regularly making an appearance on the relentless churn of the rumor mill. Unfortunately for those keeping their fingers crossed, the Latverian dictator will be conspicuous by his absence.

That doesn’t mean he won’t factor into the Multiverse Saga in a major way, though, with Fantastic Four the obvious destination. On top of that, Secret Wars has his name written all over it in Marvel Comics, so it’s a case of “when” and not “if.”

That wraps up our Sunday session, Marvel maniacs, but be sure to check back tomorrow for the latest daily roundup of all things MCU.