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Latest Marvel News: Chaos reigns as Brie Larson blasts trolls and ‘Captain America 4’ adds controversial character

So. Much. Controversy.

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Here we go, True Believers, it’s time for another Marvel news roundup. Following Marvel’s massive (well, maybe not quite as massive as we thought) drop of announcements at the D23 Expo this weekend, the MCU fandom has pretty much descended into chaos as we deal with the fallout of the event. For one, the Battle of Brie Larson is well underway and nobody knows what to make of the news that Captain America: New World Order is adding one of Marvel Comics’ most notorious heroes to its roster.

Brie Larson Defense Squad activates as star goes to town on trolls

brie larson captain marvel
Image via Marvel Studios

The Marvels star Brie Larson didn’t hold back when asked about her MCU future at D23, deadpanning that it all depends on whether anyone wants her to continue. This seemed to be a pointed jab at her online trolls, an interpretation backed up by her subsequent skewering by Instagram haters. Naturally, this enflamed said trolls, causing the Brie Larson Defense Squad to hit back with their own counter-attack. Depressingly, we should probably expect more of this as The Marvels nears.

Everybody’s worried about Captain America 4‘s new hero

the falcon and the winter soldier
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While the confirmation that Tim Blake Nelson is coming back in the film as The Leader initially grabbed attention, another cast member has since been confirmed for Captain America 4. Namely, Shira Haas has been hired as Israeli superheroine Sabra. Given that the title New World Order already courted controversy for its negative historical connotations, adding a character with ties to the Israel-Palestinian conflict who’s been portrayed mighty dubiously over the years might not be the best plan.

Forget the Defenders, is Daredevil about to become an Avenger?

daredevil spider man no way home
Image via Marvel Studios

After already getting tongues wagging with his promise that Daredevil: Born Again will be a reboot, not a continuation, Charlie Cox has again raised eyebrows with his curiously coy response to being asked if Matt Murdock could become an Avenger now that he’s returning to the MCU in a big way. When quizzed point blank on the possibility, Cox hit back, “Do you know something I don’t?” and smirked. He might play an ace attorney on screen, but fans think they’re the ones to find him guilty in this instance.

Thunderbolts is gaining new members by the minute

justin hammer
Image via Marvel Studios

What we thought was the full lineup of reformed supervillains for the Thunderbolts movie was revealed at D23, and fans were honestly a little underwhelmed. So imagine their delight when Marvel appeared to subtly confirm another addition in the weirdest way — namely, Daniel Bruhl’s Baron Zemo. What’s more, Iron Man 2‘s Sam Rockwell is teasing his return as Justin Hammer in the same project, noting that an MCU comeback “sounds cool.” There might be hope for this one yet…

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