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Latest Marvel News: Deadpool is coming for Iron Man’s crown as ‘Madame Web’ swings deeper into the Spider-Verse

Watch out, Robert Downey!

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Following the devastation wrought to the MCU’s Phase Six slate thanks to Blade being nailed back up in his coffin yesterday, today’s glut of Marvel news has been much less explosive in nature. Having said that, we’ve still learned of a surprising record that Ryan Reynolds is set to achieve with Deadpool 3 which means he’s hot on Robert Downey Jr.’s heels. Not to mention things are heating up over in Sony land as Madame Web adds yet another Spider-Verse character to its ensemble.

It’s official! Ryan Reynolds is now the joint oldest MCU star

hugh jackman ryan reynolds deadpool 3
Image via Ryan Reynolds YouYube

Deadpool 3 was one of the many upcoming Marvel movies affected by this week’s major reshuffle to the schedule, with the threequel now coming almost a full year later than expected on Nov. 8, 2024. The upshot is that this means Ryan Reynolds is now the joint oldest MCU leading man to have their own movie. Robert Downey Jr. was 48 years and 29 days old when Iron Man 3 came out, and Reynolds will miss beating that figure by just 18 days. Assuming there’s a Deadpool 4 at some point, it’s conceivable the Canadian kidder could eventually trounce Downey’s record by several years.

Web(slinging) detectives identify one more major Spidey character in Madame Web

spider-man madame web
Image via Sony

Even the most cantankerous of Sony critics have to admit that Madame Web is looking pretty enticing, given its A-list ensemble cast and various ties to the wider Spider-Verse. The 2024 movie just added another one, too, as fans have deduced that castmember Tahar Rahim is playing Ezekiel Sims, a character who’s key to the mystical side of the Spidey mythology, which could be a big hint at the movie’s storyline. Remember, he’s the one who’ll be suiting up in his own Spider-Man suit, too.

Jennifer Walters is out to get the Intelligencia in first clip from She-Hulk finale

Image via Disney Plus

After nine weeks of superhero sitcom shenanigans, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law reaches its finale this Thursday, with Marvel releasing the first clip from the episode today. With her date with Daredevil in her rearview mirror, Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) is now determined to hunt down the Intelligencia after they publicly humiliated/attempted to discredit her in the surprisingly powerful end of last week’s installment. Let’s hope she smashes those incel idiots into the ground.

Deadpool 3 theory says an axed X-Man could finally get their shot

Image via Marvel Comics

Let’s bring things full circle by returning to the topic of Deadpool 3. The latest fan theory about the threequel teases that a big-name star could finally make their dreams come true by playing an iconic X-Men member in the film. Yes, what if Channing Tatum actually got the chance to play Gambit, like he was going to under Fox before the whole Disney buyout. It would be the least they could do, considering how much Tatum was hurt by his spinoff movie’s cancellation. Come on, Marvel, give Remy LeBeau a boost.

That’s it for today, True Believers, but check back on Thursday as we unpack the secrets of the She-Hulk finale!

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