Latest Sci-Fi News: Taika Waititi is forbidden from touching another beloved universe as James Gunn detonates delirious DC rumors

Taika Waititi attends the MTV Europe Music Awards 2022
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Today has delivered yet another rollercoaster of emotions for DC diehards, following some crazy rumors about the future of Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader flaring up long enough to rile up the internet, only to burn up quicker than Harvey Dent’s face (too soon?). Elsewhere, sci-fi aficionados are declaring that Taika Waititi needs to stay away from an iconic IP while Star Wars has so many movies in the works that even its directors are getting cynical about whether they will actually happen.

Anime lovers don’t want Taika Waititi anywhere near this legendary IP after Thor: Love and Thunder

taika waititi thor ragnarok
Photo via Marvel Studios

You ever think Taika Waititi regrets making Thor: Love and Thunder? In the latest instance of the disappointing Marvel movie turning the tide of opinion against him, fans are praying to the movie gods that the director’s long-planned adaptation of Akira falls through as they now don’t want him anywhere near a live-action take on the beloved sci-fi anime, even though the idea was once an exciting one just last year. We’re guessing they feel the same about his Star Wars and Flash Gordon projects too…

DC fandom erupts with anger over bold The Batman rumors… before James Gunn sets the record straight

james gunn batman
Photo via San Diego Comic-Con/Warner Bros.

DC fans had a crazy couple of hours there today as it was reported that James Gunn was planning to fold Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight into the mainstream DCU. No sooner had Twitter collectively gone red in the face over the sacrilegious notion, though, than Gunn himself had dismissed the chatter as “entirely untrue,” earning the praise of The Batman director Matt Reeves in the process. So fans of the self-contained series can rest assured it won’t be saddled to the fractured franchise moving forward.

Should Henry Cavill finally be done as Superman, fans have already found the perfect replacement

henry cavill superman
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Obviously, everyone’s hoping that Black Adam credits scene will count for something and Henry Cavill will get the opportunity to have some kind of comeback as Kal-El. Still, if James Gunn is done with the Man of Steel star, then folks are hoping that another previous cinematic Superman will be invited back to take his place. Namely, Brandon Routh, whose Christopher Reeve-like performance in Superman Returns has really undergone a re-appraisal in recent years, following his Arrowverse TV comeback.

Even Star Wars directors know their movies probably won’t happen at this point

shawn levy free guy
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We mentioned Taika Waititi’s Star Wars flick above, but he’s just one of many filmmakers who have been announced as helming their own project set in Lucasfilm’s universe over the past few years. It’s gotten to the point that even the directors themselves know the odds are against them. Deadpool 3‘s Shawn Levy was recently revealed to be working on a film taking place in the Star Wars galaxy and he’s admitted that he knows it’s far from guaranteed to happen. At least he seems to have a healthy zen approach to the whole thing.

Don’t go anywhere, sci-fi fans of all kinds, as more from DC, Star Wars, and much else besides will be coming your way tomorrow.