Matt Ryan’s Constantine Shows Off His Powers In New Justice League Dark Clip


Justice League Dark is the next big animated movie from Warner Bros. and the direct to DVD/Blu-ray release promises to finally bring to life one of DC Comics’ most beloved teams. Among other things, what’s got fans particularly excited for this one is the fact that Constantine star Matt Ryan will be reprising the role of demon hunter John Constantine, and now, following the news of the LA/NYC premiere and some other cool clips, this latest look at Justice League Dark puts the spotlight solely on the fan-favourite character.

In addition to premiering the clip, Empire also caught up with the actor to talk about how this version of Constantine will differ from the one we’ve seen in Arrow and his upcoming animated spinoff on CW Seed:

“I think that the TV universe is a little bit different from the others. Basically we’re just trying to bring what I knew of him, and the voice, and just play him in this context, having him interact with Batman and Zatanna, or Deadman and Swamp Thing. All these relationships which we didn’t get to explore on the TV show was really fun to do, but also in animation he can shoot bolts, and the magic is different. So it is a different universe and he’s slightly different in that context, but still the same guy underneath. The DNA of the character is still there — the wisecracking “magician” who reluctantly does what he does.”

While we’ve no idea of what’s happening with the live-action Justice League Dark movie (it has a director, but that doesn’t mean much given how long it’s been stuck in development hell), there’s a very good chance that this animated feature is being used as a way of seeing just how much interest there is in the property.

Of course, Batman being given a key role here will certainly help matters, but even that aside, all signs point to this one being a very big release for the studio. Fingers crossed then that we’ll see that live-action version sooner rather than later, eh?