Mera May Join The Justice League In Present Day DCEU


Johnny Depp’s army of supporters should be applauded for steadfastly sticking by him even after Hollywood appears to have turned its back on an actor who was once the highest-paid star in the industry. However, while threatening to boycott Fantastic Beasts 3 is completely understandable after the 57 year-old was forced to resign and swiftly replaced by Mads Mikkelsen, some of his fans’ priorities have been very misplaced.

Counterprogramming Amber Heard’s new show The Stand by revisiting Depp’s back catalogue is a wholesome and inoffensive move, but blasting Netflix on social media for removing all of his movies from the content library when it wasn’t even true is something else altogether. That being said, they did purge several of his efforts including The Rum Diary, which is the project where he first met his ex-wife, but nobody was celebrating the disappearance of an Amber Heard film.

Those double standards continue with the complete lack of backlash from Depp loyalists focused on the Snyder Cut of Justice League, despite Heard’s Mera being one of the very few cast members returning to shoot additional footage to bump up her role in the upcoming HBO Max exclusive. There’ve been rumors in the past that she could end up becoming part of the team on a full-time basis, too, and insider Daniel Richtman is the latest to add weight to the speculation.

The tipster claims that depending on how the next chapter in the never-ending legal battle between the former spouses plays out, the actress could find herself as a permanent member of the roster should the Justice League ever be brought back together, and there’s even an open slot now that Ray Fisher has made it clear he won’t be returning to the DCEU as long as Walter Hamada is still calling the shots.