Michelle Pfeiffer isn’t ruling out a return as Catwoman in the DCEU

Catwoman Batman Returns

Michelle Pfeiffer may currently play Janet Van Dyne, aka the first Wasp, in the MCU, but for many superhero fans she’ll always be most beloved thanks to her seminal turn as Selina Kyle in 1992’s Batman Returns. Pfeiffer featured in the Tim Burton sequel opposite Michael Keaton, who is about to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne in The Flash movie. The obvious question is, then: could Catwoman return, too?

While it doesn’t appear that there are any plans to bring back the Burtonverse Selina, Pfeiffer has revealed that she isn’t against the idea. In a profile piece for The Hollywood Reporter, the Ant-Man and the Wasp star had the following to say about a potential second trip to Gotham City: “It would depend on the context but, yeah, I’d consider it.”

It sounds like Keaton himself would be up for a reunion with his old co-star (and partner — Keaton and Pfeiffer dated in the late ’80s). THR reached out to the actor for a comment on Pfeiffer’s performance as Catwoman, with Keaton responding: “She pulled off the almost impossible combo of sexy, ironic, tragic, dangerous and just plain good.”

Of course, we already have a Catwoman on the big screen in the form of Zoe Kravitz, who just debuted in The Batman. Having previously voiced support for Kravitz’s casting, Pfeiffer admitted to THR that she has yet to see her successor in the role due to not yet feeling comfortable in a theater. Hopefully somebody told her after this interview that the movie is now available on HBO Max.

Fans shouldn’t expect Pfeiffer to feature in The Flash, then, but the opportunity is there for her to turn up elsewhere as Keaton has a bunch of further appearances on the way, including Batgirl. Michelle Pfeiffer is back in the MCU in 2023’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, but a Catwoman comeback — to quote Selina — would be sooo much yummier.