Mission: Impossible 7 Reportedly Facing More Production Setbacks

Tom Cruise

The decision to shoot two big budget globetrotting espionage blockbusters back to back was a massive undertaking even in normal circumstances, but things have gotten exponentially harder for Mission: Impossible 7 since the Coronavirus gripped hold of everyone’s life close to a year ago.

Production kicked off last February, and there’s still no end in sight. Filming has been shut down on more than one occasion as the franchise pitched up in Italy, Norway, Poland and England, where Mission: Impossible 7 has been based for some time. Then, of course, there was Tom Cruise’s instantly infamous rant at two crew members caught breaking COVD-19 protocols, although the A-list star sadly didn’t bring in a couple of robots to patrol the set as had been rumored.

After taking a break over the holidays, the seventh and eighth installments in the series have been back underway for several weeks, but more problems have now reared their heads. The United Kingdom is currently under the tightest levels of Coronavirus measures, and as a result, the government has restricted flights to and from a large number of countries.

One of the nations in question is the United Arab Emirates, which is set to be the location of Mission: Impossible 7‘s next international jaunt. That means the cast and crew will have to complete a mandatory isolation upon entering the UAE, which is going to shut filming down for at least another week or two. The movie is still tentatively penciled in to hit theaters in November, but based on how things are going, it wouldn’t be a surprise in the slightest if it wound up being delayed until mid-2022.