Mortal Kombat Coming To 4K And Blu-Ray Next Month With Deleted Scenes And More

Mortal Kombat

The recent Mortal Kombat reboot may have seen its box office numbers flatline a bit over the last few weeks, but it’s still made enough money to justify producing a sequel. Not to mention it’s been a big hit for HBO Max as well.

While the streaming service doesn’t offer concrete viewing figures for any of its originals or exclusives, third-party aggregator Samba TV usually step in to fill that void, with their findings showing that Mortal Kombat racked up more HBO Max viewers in its first three days than Godzilla vs. Kong managed in five.

Just from that alone, the pic has to be viewed as an unqualified success, and we’ve already heard from countless cast and crew members about their desire to launch an entire franchise. Indeed, it seems that an official sequel announcement is coming soon, but before that, we’ve got the Blu-ray/4K release of Mortal Kombat to look forward to next month.

Arriving on July 13th, the film will come with a whole host of bonus features taking us behind the scenes of the smash hit, with the full list of extras as follows:

  • From Game to Screen: The Making of Moral Kombat featurette
  • 11 Mortal Kombat: Fan Favorite Characters featurettes
  • Fight Koreography featurette
  • Intro the Krypt: Easter Eggs of Mortal Kombat featurette
  • 7 Anatomy of a Scene featurettes
  • Deleted scenes

So, lots for fans to dig into, then. And with a movie like this, with so many special effects and exhilarating action scenes, it’ll surely be fascinating to get a look at what went into bringing it all to life. Not to mention that the deleted scenes will be a nice treat for those still craving more Mortal Kombat.

Tell us, though, will you be picking up the film next month? Or is one viewing enough for you? Let us know down below and keep an eye out for that official sequel announcement.