Nicolas Cage’s Insane New Movie Coming To Blu-Ray In November

Prisoners of the Ghostland

If you’ve seen the trailer for Prisoners of the Ghostland, then you’ll already know if you’re in or out for Nicolas Cage’s latest slice of cinematic insanity. If you haven’t, then a brief synopsis will be more than enough to outline whether you’ve got a vested interest in seeing one of the most committed actors in the business getting nuts.

Cage plays a criminal called Hero, who finds himself imprisoned in a place called Samurai Town, which is a cross between feudal Japan and the Old West. A man named The Governor wants Hero to rescue his kidnapped daughter, so he straps our protagonist into a leather jumpsuit with explosives at the neck, wrists and testicles. If he doesn’t complete the mission within five days, he goes boom.

Oh, and there’s also a dark supernatural universe in play, with zombies and ghosts. And swordfights. Not to mention Cage spending roughly fifteen seconds screaming the word “testicles” in exactly the unhinged way you’d expect him to. In short; if you’re a fan of the Academy Award winner, it’s a must-see.

Prisoners of the Ghostland isn’t coming to theaters and VOD until September 17th, but a Blu-ray debut has already been announced. The latest feature from subversive filmmaker Sion Sono hits home video on November 16th, and you can guarantee that the bizarre action thriller is going to become an instant cult classic.

You know things are about to get crazy when the tagline on the poster is credited to Cage himself, who calls it “the wildest movie I’ve ever made”, and he’s not wrong.