The Original Halloween Is Getting A 4K Ultra HD Release This October


If Pennywise owned Halloween 2017, then this year’s spooky festivities really belong to Michael Myers.

The masked serial killer is poised for a big return thanks to Blumhouse and David Gordon Green’s Halloween sequel, but beyond that, fans of the iconic slasher series will also be treated to something else, as we’re learning today that John Carpenter’s original 1978 classic is going to be receiving a 4K Ultra HD release.

Yup, that’s right. Just in time for its 40th anniversary, Halloween will be hitting 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray on October 2nd. Artwork and special features have yet to be revealed, but we’ll surely hear more over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we can at least look forward to Blumhouse’s aforementioned sequel, which will see series veteran Nick Castle return to the role of Michael – albeit with some help from stunt performer and actor James Jude Courtney, who’s also listed as Myers on the film’s IMDb page. It’s likely that the studio’s taken a page out of Lucasfilm’s book here, after the Star Wars giant quietly ushered Joonas Suotamo into the giant, fluffy shoes of Chewbacca.

Meanwhile, here’s what to expect from Michael’s second coming:

A British documentary crew comes to the States to visit Michael in prison for a retrospective of the maniac’s night of terror — but their project becomes way more interesting when Myers escapes custody, retrieves his signature mask and seeks revenge on Laurie, with others naturally being part of his impressive career body count along the way.

In the decades following the fateful Halloween night that forever altered the former babysitter’s life, Laurie has armed and prepped herself for Michael’s inevitable return — to the detriment of her family, including daughter Karen and granddaughter Allyson.

Halloween creeps into theaters worldwide on October 19th, and only then will we know if David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s decision to render all previous sequels non-canon was the right move.