Possible Batman Vs. Two-Face Release Date Leaked By Retailer

Late last year, we were treated to what may very well have been the best DC animated movie of 2016 in the form of Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders. Basically, it reunited surviving members of the 1960’s television series’ cast, as Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar reprised their roles of Batman, Robin and Catwoman, respectively, effectively making it feel like the beginning to a fourth season we never received.

So, if you also enjoyed that film, it’s probably safe to say that you were quite excited to learn that a sequel in the form of Batman vs. Two-Face was also in the works. But even as wonderful as its predecessor was, some may question if twice appealing to our nostalgia in such a short time span is worth it. Fortunately, another icon from that era, William Shatner, signed on to voice Two-Face, a fan favorite character who never actually appeared on the TV show. That said, this animated flick will undoubtedly add something to the Bright Knight’s enduring legacy.

Now, there were Batfans who expressed some concern regarding the project’s completion upon the unfortunate passing of West that’s still fresh in our memories, but there was at least some assurance in hearing that he had already recorded all of his dialogue. Actually, we learned a few years ago that these animated movies had been recorded back-to-back, but it did provide some comfort to learn that no loose ends were left.

According to a recent listing on Best Buy’s website, Batman vs. Two-Face is slated for Blu-ray release on October 17 of this year. Obviously, no confirmation from Warner Home Video has been made, but seeing as how Return of the Caped Crusaders hit shelves around that time last year, that sounds about right. And with that being only two months away, official plot details and more should likely be divulged any day now.

Source: Best Buy