First Poster For Reign Of The Supermen Hits The Web


When I was first really getting into comic books as a kid, one of the big things DC had going on at the time was Reign of the Supermen, a story that spanned multiple titles and featured four possible replacements for Superman following his demise at the hands of Doomsday. And now that it’s being adapted as an animated movie, you’d better believe that I’ll be checking it out for the sake of nostalgia alone.

Similar to its literary counterpart, the flick will pick up shortly after the events seen in the recently released The Death of Superman, effectively making the tale a two-parter of sorts. Actually, the last time WB Animation did such a thing was when they put out Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, so trust me when I say we’ll be in for a real treat if this bad boy proves to be even half as good.

As you may have heard, New York Comic Con failed to produce a new trailer over the weekend, but those in attendance were treated to a few clips – none of which were released online. And as a nice consolation prize, we can still bring you the first poster for the film, which can be seen below.

Gracing the promo piece are the four possible replacements for Big Blue mentioned earlier, those being the Eradicator, Superboy, Steel and Cyborg Superman. Of course, none are the genuine Last Son of Krypton, but it can be argued that each represent an aspect of his personality.

If anything, the talent assembled to play each of those characters listed instills confidence, as Gotham‘s own Cameron Monaghan voices Superboy, with The CW’s Black Lightning himself, Cress Williams, lending his pipes to Steel. Jerry O’Connell, meanwhile, pulls double duty by playing both Superman and Cyborg Superman. The Eradicator’s corresponding actor, however, has yet to be disclosed.

Reign of the Supermen arrives on Blu-ray and DVD sometime in early 2019, most likely in January or February.

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