Release Date Set For Halloween 4K Ultra HD And Blu-ray Steelbook


If you’re reading this, then there’s an excellent chance that you’ve already seen the new Halloween, with David Gordon Green’s horror hit recently surpassing Scream as the highest-grossing slasher movie of all time. However, if you’d like to honor Michael Myers’ latest visit to Haddonfield with a place on your shelf, this newly announced Steelbook could be a pretty stylish way to do it.

The 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray release will be available exclusively from Best Buy from January 19th, 2019. In the meantime, the product is available for pre-order on their website for $32.99, though it doesn’t look like the official cover art or details of bonus features have been shared quite yet.

In any case, it looks like Halloween’s run in theaters is far from finished, with the Blumhouse production passing the $200 million mark at the box office worldwide earlier this week. As it stands, the film now ranks as the third highest-grossing horror movie of the year, sitting behind only The Nun and A Quiet Place. And since this long-running franchise is doing so well with its eleventh installment, there’s no reason to think that Blumhouse won’t make this series into an even dozen.

In these early stages, details on the sequel remain vague, but co-writer Danny McBride confirmed last week that talks have already begun on the follow-up. Just how much of the team behind this latest release is returning, however, remains unclear, with actress Jamie Lee Curtis saying that she’ll come back for another outing if Green does.

There’ll be time to learn the details of what’s next for this un-killable horror property, but until that sequel comes our way, this new Halloween is one that a lot of fans are going to want to revisit.