First Solo: A Star Wars Story Blu-Ray Details Emerge, Including Retailer Exclusives


Unfortunately, while last week it was reported that Solo: A Star Wars Story would need a strong performance from its home video release and other ancillary revenue if there was to be any hope of turning a profit on the $250 million it cost to produce the critical and financial misfire, it’s now looking like there’s nothing left to salvage.

Earlier this week, THR announced that Lucasfilm and Disney are bracing for a loss of roughly $50 million on the spinoff, with some estimates projecting that number could rise beyond $80 million. As a result, the street date for Solo‘s Blu-ray/DVD release won’t be of much use to the respective studios now. Nevertheless, we’ve learned of a few retailer exclusives, so had you enjoyed the much-maligned feature and plan on purchasing it, ready your wallets.

The retailer exclusive being offered by Best Buy will feature the film on a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray/Blu-ray combo pack in SteelBook packaging depicting artwork of the Millennium Falcon, which you can check out below. As for Target, the department store will be offering the same 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray/Blu-ray combo pack, sans SteelBook. However, their exclusive includes a replica Millennium Falcon figure, which we’ve also included in the gallery.

An official street date for Solo has yet to be revealed, and we also don’t know about any of the special features that’ll be accompanying the film onto home video. This being a Star Wars movie, though, we imagine there’ll be tons goodies to take you behind the scenes to watch how it all came together. And with any luck, they’ll be enough to entice people to pick it up and perhaps give it another chance.

Because after grossing a paltry $84.7 million stateside, a figure lower than that of Justice League ($93.8M), Solo: A Star Wars Story accumulated just $143 million worldwide opening weekend, which is less than half of the $290 million take acquired by Rogue One. Things only got worse from there and the Ron Howard-directed space western will now end its theatrical run as the lowest earning franchise film under Disney management.

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