Rumored Cast List For Batman: Hush Surfaces Online


If you were to ask me which comic book movie I’m anticipating most in 2019, I’d have two answers for you. The obvious one is Joker because it’s being released theatrically in October, but overall, Batman: Hush takes the cake for me. It may be animated and direct-to-video, sure, but I’ve long waited for my favorite story featuring the Caped Crusader to be adapted to film.

Since being announced at San Diego Comic-Con last summer, one thing in particular that’s remained a hot topic for discussion is who’ll make up the voice cast. Of course, many fans have played the Kevin Conroy card, but contrary to what IMDb listings state (those can be edited by anyone, don’t forget), it looks like the Batman: The Animated Series veteran won’t take part.

Instead, Revenge of the Fans have managed to get their hands on the following list. Yes, it should be regarded as rumor at this point, but they’ve had solid animation scoops in the past, and here’s what they put forth:

  • Jason O’Mara
  • Jerry O’Connell
  • Tara Strong
  • Rainn Wilson
  • Bruce Thomas
  • Vanessa Williams

Batman Hush

Obviously, Jason O’Mara will reprise his role as Batman, thus assuring this tale will be retrofitted in order to align with the New 52-themed line of animated flicks. If you need a comparison, think of how the recently released The Death of Superman had been modernized.

As for Jerry O’Connell, it’s probably safe to say he’s once again voicing Superman. And considering how Big Blue’s brawl with the Dark Knight in Hush was one of the greatest in their shared comic book history, this is an element the filmmakers would be remiss if not to include.

Beyond those two, odds are Tara Strong is once again Harley Quinn and Bruce Thomas is slipping back into the shoes of Commissioner Gordon. Rainn Wilson and Vanessa Williams remain up in the air, though my assumption is that the latter could be Catwoman. And as for Wilson, he may be Lex Luthor, even if that character had a very brief cameo in the source material.

If you’re wondering when we’ll get a confirmed cast list for Batman: Hush, I’d say April is a solid bet as that’s likely when Justice League vs. The Fatal Five will hit shelves. And since the next DC animated movie to follow is always granted a sneak peek featurette on the preceding Blu-ray, some major entertainment outlet will no doubt have the exclusive reveal in the weeks leading up to release.