Space Jam 2 Will Reportedly Feature Some Harry Potter Cameos

Harry POtter Voldemort

Nostalgia has become an increasingly powerful weapon for the movie industry when it comes to enticing people to the theater, with a vast number of titles over the last few years hedging their bets that familiar characters and recognizable locations will be enough to overcome any shortcomings in the storytelling department and result in box office success regardless of the quality of the final product.

Few blockbusters on the horizon are relying on the rose-tinted glasses as heavily as Space Jam: A New Legacy, which arrives next summer almost a quarter of a century after the first installment. The original is far from a great movie, or even a good one, but it nonetheless holds a special place in the hearts of a certain generation, a generation that is coincidentally now of an age where they can take their own kids to see the follow-up on the big screen.

With a reported budget of $183 million, Space Jam: A New Legacy will most likely need to double the $230 million gross of its predecessor to make a significant profit, and we’re now hearing from our sources that Warner Bros. are planning on pulling out all of the stops when it comes to loading up the family film with cameos from their extensive back catalogue of franchises.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources who told us the Mask and Pennywise would be appearing in the sequel before it was confirmed in leaked footage – the studio want to include several characters from the Harry Potter franchise to widen A New Legacy‘s appeal among more casual audiences.

Voldemort has already been glimpsed in further leaked footage, and we’re told that one other cameo will be Hagrid. It should also be noted that our sources say there are likely a few more Potter characters in the film as well, though it may not be the original actors bringing them to life, which may upset the fans.

In any case, the Harry Potter series was packed with so many memorable supporting players that there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to the ever-increasing lineup of Space Jam: A New Legacy cameos, and aside from Hagrid and Voldemort, we’re excited to see who else may show up.