Here’s How Jamie Foxx Could Look As The MCU’s Revamped Electro In Spider-Man 3


Jamie Foxx is coming back as Electro! In news that turned our expectations of the movie on their head, we learned this week that the star is returning as the supervillain in Spider-Man 3 after playing him back in Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Marvel have yet to reveal whether Foxx is portraying the same Electro or an alternate MCU version, but one thing we do know is that he won’t be blue this time.

Fan artists have now run with this tidbit, coming up with their own ideas for how Foxx could look as Max Dillon when we see him next. First of all, BossLogic has developed the concept of the actor’s Electro wearing some kind of containment suit for his electrical powers, which acts as an update of the comic book character’s lightning-themed helmet.

Meanwhile, ApexForm has mocked up an epic poster as well. The artist has gone in the opposite direction of BossLogic, though, and has ditched any kind of helmet. Instead, he’s given Foxx a black outfit which features the lightning bolt insignia that the villain wears in the source material, and you can check out all the different designs in the gallery below.

After the news broke, Foxx went on social media to share some fan art of his own – an intriguing piece that featured his Electro coming up against not just Holland’s web-slinger, but Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as well. Of course, he soon took down the post and many are now theorizing that he’s actually given away that the threequel is a secret Spider-Verse movie. Something that various reports are corroborating.

In any case, Spider-Man 3 is expected to start shooting later this fall, so we should get some more firm updates in the not too distant future. Stay tuned.