Star Trek Animated Movie Rumored To Be In The Works


One thing that the advent of Paramount+ has guaranteed is that we’re getting more Star Trek content than ever before over the coming years, with the platform unveiling ambitious plans to debut a new show every quarter. That sounds like overkill, but producer Alex Kurtzman teased that he’s got the small screen future of the franchise mapped out until 2027, so it’s presumably not a case of just throwing as many titles into development as possible and seeing what sticks.

On the feature film front, the fourth installment in the Kelvin timeline is still out there somewhere in the ether, while Noah Hawley’s planned reboot has been abandoned altogether, and the fabled project written by Quentin Tarantino is still failing to gain any sort of real traction, even if Chris Pine is just one of the many people that would love to see it become a reality.

A new rumor claims that an animated Star Trek movie is now in development, but there’s no additional details provided as to whether it’s planned as a theatrical or streaming exclusive, if it takes place in the same continuity as either the small screen, Kelvin or Lower Decks mythologies, or even the merest hint of any plot or character information.

The report comes from the same outlet that has “exclusively” revealed over the last few months that Brie Larson was pushing to join Star Trek, Tom Hardy’s Shinzon was marked for a comeback, Kelvin spinoffs were incoming, J.J. Abrams was returning behind the camera to helm a new blockbuster and a film with multiple Captain Kirks was happening, none of which have come close to being corroborated or confirmed as of yet, so don’t get too hyped about an animated effort until any official word is made available by the studio.