Superboy Arrives In New Reign Of The Supermen Clip


Incredible as 2007’s Superman: Doomsday animated film was, it generated controversy due to its condensing of such expansive source material into one movie. To be honest, I accepted it for what it was, though I understand why DC fans lamented the exclusion of Superboy, Cyborg Superman, the Eradicator and Steel.

Apparently, Warner Bros. heard these complaints, therefore they decided to revisit the material more than a decade later. Just last year, The Death of Superman arrived on home video, thus giving us an emotional, yet action-packed, retelling of the best-selling graphic novel.

Soon enough, Reign of the Supermen will expand upon that vision. Not only will it no doubt include the resurrection of Big Blue himself, but it’ll also feature the four aforementioned guys who filled the void during his absence – namely Superboy.

Set to be voiced by Gotham‘s own Cameron Monaghan, Conner Kent will indeed rock his attire familiar to those who’ve read the comics from the 1990’s. In fact, a newly released clip (seen at the top) shows us what may very well be his first instance of stopping a crime in progress.

In case you were wondering, other veterans of DC programming are also lending their pipes to the new caped wonders in town. Believe it or not, Black Lightning‘s Cress Williams voices Steel and Charles Halford (Constantine, Supergirl) plays the Eradicator. Jerry O’Connell, meanwhile, pulls double duty as both Superman and Cyborg Superman.

Seeing as how still shots from the flick are slowly making their way online as well, it’s fair to assume that a few more clips will also be released before Reign of the Supermen arrives on Blu-ray on January 29th. Until then, keep watching this space.

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