Taika Waititi trolls ‘the 17 people’ who didn’t like ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

Thor Splits Love and Thunder
via Marvel Studios

Thor: Love and Thunder might’ve gone down as a much more divisive entry in the MCU than his first Marvel offering, Thor: Ragnarok, but it seems Taika Waititi isn’t all that bothered. Proving that getting a high Rotten Tomatoes score isn’t everything, the latest Chris Hemsworth vehicle is making a killing at the box office and remains the number one movie in the world two weeks after premiering.

And Waititi has responded to the film’s continued success in the way only he can. The Jojo Rabbit director took to Twitter to share an “exclusive NFT poster” that he encouraged fans to “download and sell!” Alongside the super high-quality poster, which was definitely not bashed out by the filmmaker in five seconds on his phone, Waititi gave his gratitude to those who’ve gone to see Love and Thunder on the big screen — trolling the haters in the process.

“Thank you to everyone (even the 17 people who didn’t like it LOL) for your support!!” he wrote.

While Ragnarok probably stands as one of the most universally well-liked Marvel flicks, Love and Thunder has rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way, with Waititi’s wacky sense of humor — which once helped make his 2017 film such a smash — strangely leaving some people cold this time around. Certain folks also have complaints over the arguably overstuffed storyline, which creates some major Avengers: Endgame plot holes.

Despite all this, Waititi has every reason to celebrate Love and Thunder‘s reception, given how much moolah it’s making in theaters, a clear indication that general audiences are loving it. It’s no surprise that he’s already teasing Thor 5 — something Hemsworth would be up for, too — as Kevin Feige will no doubt be giving him a call sometime soon. To hell with those 17 critics who don’t want it.