Spider-Man May Return To The MCU For More Movies In 2022


Today’s been a day filled with great news for Marvel fans and now, it’s about to get even better. According to our sources – the same ones who told us Jonah Hill would be starring in The Batman, that Marvel was developing a Ms. Marvel show and that Brie Larson is being eyed for a Star Wars role (which seems like it’s all but confirmed now) – there’s a chance that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man could return to the MCU for even more movies in 2022.

From what we understand, Sony and Disney want to see how things go with the character playing a crucial role in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Venom-verse before they begin negotiating a new deal. If everything goes well and the studios’ box office numbers continue to be through the roof though, then a new deal will be made with similar terms, allowing Holland to star in additional MCU films.

It’s already been announced that Peter Parker will be returning to the MCU for two more movies, including the third installment of his titular franchise. The other one, however, remains a mystery, though it’s thought that it’ll be a team-up flick coming in Phase 5.

Meanwhile, the web-head will also be popping up in Sony’s projects. We’ve previously reported that the beloved do-gooder might be sharing the screen with Tom Hardy during Venom 3, though nothing has officially been confirmed as of yet. Given that the studio is now planning more features based around the characters in its arsenal though, like Hobgoblin and Madame Web, it’s likely that the hero will also pop up during various points in those other series, too.

Hopefully Spidey will have no trouble swinging back and forth from one cinematic universe to the other and fans will continue getting as much content featuring the iconic character as possible. Spider-Man 3 is expected to be released in July of 2021 and though details on his future appearances still remain up in the air, we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we hear more.

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