First Trailer For The Batman Reportedly Coming In August

batman justice league

With director Matt Reeves only getting a few weeks of shooting under his belt before production was brought to a halt as the Coronavirus pandemic escalated, the cast and crew of The Batman will be desperate to get back on set. While there’s no concrete date locked in yet for filming to resume, with restrictions being relaxed around the world, it’ll only be a matter of time before the Dark Knight’s latest reboot is back in front of cameras.

The movie has already seen a minor delay after being pushed back from June to October of next year, which is a pretty small setback when you consider that several big-budget blockbusters have shifted their release dates by up to a year. Reeves has been smart in making sure that he’s been the person to release the first official images from The Batman as well, instead of having the surprise ruined by grainy low-resolution photos, and now we’ve heard that the debut trailer could be arriving as soon as August.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us the Snyder Cut of Justice League would be heading straight to HBO Max and that a Green Lantern show is in the works for the streaming site – the recently announced DC Fandome virtual event is going to feature almost every major property that the studio have at their disposal, and they want a trailer for The Batman as the marquee attraction to generate some considerable buzz.

Of course, there may not be enough footage to cobble a full-length trailer together by the time of the event (which takes place on August 22nd), but even some brief clips or a sizzle reel could be shown off and would no doubt be more than enough to send the internet into meltdown. Whether it’s announced ahead of time or is held back to be DC Fandome’s secret surprise remains to be seen, but our first real look at The Batman is said to be coming this summer and it will certainly get people talking.