Jaws Is Getting A 45th Anniversary Limited Edition 4K Ultra HD Release In June


In a weird way, Jaws has felt pretty timely during the Coronavirus pandemic. At first glance, the two stories don’t have much in common: one is a movie about a giant shark munching its way through bathers and the other is a very real virus wreaking havoc across the world. However, both feature experts warning that trouble is coming unless politicians make plans immediately, warnings being disastrously ignored and everyone finally realizing that they must take drastic social steps in order to keep people safe.

Hell, if you’re in Florida, there are even more stark parallels, with Governor Ron DeSantis resisting ordering a state-wide closure of beaches in the state to enforce social distancing. Sadly, he did not make this statement wearing a snazzy jacket covered in anchors.

Anyhow, all of this makes it a good time for Universal to release a brand new 4K remaster of Jaws, which should be the best that Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic has ever looked. The studio tweeted out details of the new edition (apparently prematurely, as they deleted it soon after) last night, and you can check it out down below.

This 45th Anniversary Edition will include a 4K Ultra HD remaster on Blu-ray and digital, lenticular packaging and a 44-page collectable booklet containing storyboards from the movie. Here’s hoping they also include content from the 2000 25th Anniversary DVD, which contained a wealth of deleted scenes, outtakes and behind-the-scenes information. The new edition will arrive on June 2nd.

Beyond that, there’s been murmuring that Universal may be planning a remake of Jaws, with Spielberg to produce. Word is that they’re going for a modern-day setting with a fresh cast of characters to act as walking shark-bait. As of yet, there’s no confirmation on that from the studio, but let’s face it, movies about giant killer sharks eating people aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon.