Marvel Fans Trying To Get Mark Ruffalo To Spoil Avengers 4 After Fake Firing


Though Avengers 4 is still over six months away from arriving in cinemas, these last couple of weeks have seen another sort of drama unfold on social media amongst the team behind the Avengers: Infinity War sequel.

To give a quick recap of the ongoing saga, earlier this month, performer Mark Ruffalo publicly admitted that he’d accidentally dropped a huge Avengers 4 spoiler on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, prompting directors Anthony and Joe Russo to tweet, “Mark, you’re fired.”

Of course, contrary to the incensed responses of a few fans, the Russo Brothers were clearly joking with this remark, but that hasn’t stopped them from recently messaging the Bruce Banner actor with another reminder of his dismissal, tweeting: “You’re still fired, Mark.”

Once more, the internet has offered its reactions, with many fans joking that with nothing left to lose, Ruffalo might as well drop some real spoilers for next year’s release:

Since Ruffalo’s initial confession, the episode of Fallon has aired with the spoiler bleeped out. Audio-savvy Marvel fans, however, have revealed that the actor referred to the upcoming flick as The Last Avenger, though the legitimacy of this ‘spoiler’ remains up for debate.

As for the Russo Brothers, when they haven’t been trolling their stars, the pair have found time this month to troll their fans, tweeting an overly bright photo of an unknown object that’s invited a range of theories about the clues that this image could be offering, as well as plenty of fan frustration.

While the teasing will likely continue for some time, it can’t be too long now until we at least get some confirmation on the official title. After that, the rest of our Avengers 4 questions will hopefully be answered when the film hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019.

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