WB Reportedly Developing New Live-Action Harry Potter Projects


Remember when there were only seven Harry Potter books and eight films? A few years ago, we were led to believe that J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World franchise was complete, but the advent of the Fantastic Beasts spinoff series of movies opened the door wide open again. Unfortunately, those prequels haven’t exactly had the impact Warner Bros. hoped for, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the studio started trying to expand the universe in other ways soon.

And that’s what insider Daniel Richtman is claiming is the plan. The tipster, who’s shared a lot of reliable info in the past, says that Warner Bros. is developing multiple live-action projects set within the Wizarding World. There’s no word yet on the specifics of what these could be, or even how many there are in development, but it’s clear that WB knows they’re sitting on a goldmine and is determined to make the most of it.

With Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald falling short of box office expectations when it landed in fall 2018, it’s very likely that Warner Bros. will look to expand the Harry Potter universe on the small screen instead, with a slew of projects no doubt on their way to HBO Max. For instance, last September we’d heard a show for Jude Law’s Dumbledore was in the works for the platform.

As for what other projects there could be, Fantastic Beasts has established that further spinoffs can be set at any time within Rowling’s carefully laid out wizarding history, so there are endless possibilities. How about following Harry’s dad James’ days at Hogwarts? Or a show set at Ilvermorny, the US school for magic? Or maybe one based around young Voldermort’s rise to power? And obviously, there’s always the option of doing a Cursed Child movie.

We might not end up seeing any of these projects for a while, but it looks like Warner Bros. is working on building up the Harry Potter universe behind their own invisibility cloak.