What Does Doja Cat Look Like With No Makeup?

Is it just me, or does Doja Cat seem to get more beautiful every time we see her? The “Say So” singer has dominated the world stage ever since her second album Hot Pink was released in 2019. Three years later, her third album, Planet Her, is on heavy streaming rotation as the chart-topping singles, “Kiss Me More” with TDE artist SZA, and “You Right” with Canadian crooner, The Weeknd are running the Billboard charts. Now, the Californian singer and rapper has landed another huge milestone — hosting and performing at the VMAs, which premiered Sunday on MTV.

Of course, Doja was as stunning (in more ways than one) as ever with both her makeup and the six different outfits that she wore throughout the night, but by now, that’s to be expected with a natural beauty like Doja Cat. But, weirdly enough, no one really talks about how good she looks when she’s au natural and simply relaxing in her own home. So what does Doja Cat look like without any makeup?

Do you want my personal answer? Just as beautiful as she would be with makeup.

Born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini in Los Anglers on October 21, 1995, Doja Cat started her career posting her music on Soundcloud and YouTube before attaining mainstream success with Hot Pink. Like many female artists of her time, Doja’s always had a heavy social media presence and is very active with daily streams where she engages with her fans. But unlike her peers, Doja is never afraid to show fans that, despite the glitz and glamour, she’s a regular person, just like the rest of us.

True to her open and friendly nature, Doja Cat often posts videos of herself doing makeup tutorials with her webcam for fans hoping to emulate her often unique and gorgeous looks. Doja’s videos have gotten so popular that she even has a beauty tutorial for Vogue, which has over 20 million views.

But tutorials aren’t the only time we see Doja without makeup.

When Doja is at home, and something is on her mind, she is not afraid of expressing her opinions. And she usually does it in her natural glory.

But when she’s not going off about random stuff, she’s having a great time with her fans through games and funny chats where she’s just as quirky as she is on stage.

One of her best interactions with fans so far has been the impromptu staring contest that she started on her IG live, daring fans to stare at her and not make a sound. Needless to say, the experience created some very memorable moments.

Though Doja Cat may be one of the biggest stars on the planet right now, it’s good to see a female artist that is so down to earth that she can interact with fans like they’re her best friends. They say beauty is only skin deep, but with Doja Cat, it seems different. Makeup or no makeup, Doja is just one of those people that seems to have a beauty that radiates from her soul.