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‘She-Hulk’ stans unanimously agree a scene-stealing side character must be protected at all costs

Don't let anything happen to them, Marvel.

she-hulk: attorney at law
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Jennifer Walters likes to remind us whose show we’re watching, and while She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is very much Tatiana Maslany’s vehicle, the ongoing Disney Plus series is blessed with a never-ending procession of scene-stealing supporting characters. In previous weeks, fans have sung the praises of Ginger Gonzaga as Jen’s best pal Nikki Ramos, Patty Guggenheim’s Madisynn, and obviously the one and only Wong.

This week, another so-far underrated addition to the ensemble has been at the receiving end of the love. Specifically, She-Hulk stans have been championing Augustus “Pug” Pugliese (Josh Segarra), Jen and Nikki’s colleague at GLK&H. Outside of some moments of light comic relief and that B-plot from episode three when he represented the guy who thought he was dating Megan Thee Stallion, he’s been mostly sidelined to date, but episode 5 allowed us a little further insight into the life of Pug.

And the folks on Reddit can’t get enough of him, singling him out as one of the best parts of the episode.

Members of the sneakerhead community are thrilled Pug’s been outed as one of their own.

Like Nikki says, we respect that.

She-Hulk, your new mission is to protect Pug at all costs.

We’ve been robbed of not seeing Pug and Nikki team up every week.

Imagine the fun that could be had if the pair partnered up with Daredevil‘s Foggy and Karen?

Episode 5, “Mean, Green, and Straight Poured into These Jeans,” revealed that Pug has an enviable collection of superhero-themed sneakers. Although we didn’t get to see the collection in the ep itself, the credits animation unveiled it in all its glory, even dropping a few mind-blowing easter eggs to some heroes yet to be introduced in the MCU in the process. That’s how powerful Pug is.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law continues next Thursday, probably with its big Daredevil crossover episode, on Disney Plus.

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