50 Days After Release, Squid Game Remains The #1 Show Online

Netflix’s Squid Game is the streamer’s biggest series launch of all time that hardly shows any signs of slowing down as we’re learning that 50 days after its release, the title is hitting a number one ranking in a number of television statistical categories.

According to Television Stats, the show holds the number one spot for page views on Wikipedia, Google, and boasts the fastest-growing show on Reddit. In addition, it’s listed as number 18 most torrented show. In addition, it is listed by FlixPatrol as the number one show on Netflix on Friday as well.

In case you’re not already familiar, Squid Game centers around financially destitute people as they are recruited by a shadow organization into a macabre contest. The 456 competitors are told if they can win in a series of children’s games, they could win a life-changing sum of $38 million. The catch is, if they lose, they die.

The show has permeated its way into pop culture, inspiring sometimes controversial TikTok trends, banking advertisements, strongly worded warnings by authorities to parents not to let their kids watch it, and even a cryptocurrency that turned out to be a scam.

The show contains clever allegories about capitalism, class inequality, and aside from that gives us a well-crafted drama with deeply written characters, plenty of twists and turns, and makes us question the loyalty we as viewers have to would-be good guys who turn out to make morally questionable choices, and vice versa, a la Game of Thrones.

You can catch all nine episodes of Squid Game on Netflix now.