American Horror Story Star Says Season 10 Will Be A Bloodbath

American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy has traditionally been effective at teasing new seasons of American Horror Story, typically dropping hints on social media months before sharing details. In the last few weeks or so, we learned that the next instalment of the anthology show will be called American Horror Story: Double Feature, and will include two stories. Not only that, but according to returning cast member Angelica Ross, we can look forward to a “bloodbath” as well.

Speaking to Kalen Allen on The Ellen Show, Ross had this to say:

“This new season is just incredible. I’ve already started working with Frances Conroy. The OG fans of American Horror Story are going to be thrilled because it’s just got Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Finn Wittrock, just all of the OGs there. But then there’s…it’s just going to be a bloodbath. All I can say is, it’s gonna be a bloodbath. I don’t know if I can watch.”

Exciting news, then, for fans of the long-running FX production, which was delayed by COVID-19 from airing in 2020. We know that one part of Double Feature will be set by the sea, and the other by the sand, with some of the shoot carried out in Provincetown, the landing site for the Mayflower. There’ve also been several images that seem to depict sharp-toothed monsters, as well as a shot of Macaulay Culkin’s character.

With the series booked for at least three more years, and a spinoff coming soon, it’s clear that American Horror Story has a lot of life left in it. Indeed, the most recent, 1980s-set release was amongst my TV highlights, and Murphy and his co-producers tend to find a way to push the format to unusual areas with every new plot line. Furthermore, the return of Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters to AHS will likely offer the show additional opportunities to tie the mythology back to previous characters, or dispense with it altogether (as sometimes happens).

For now, we don’t have a date for when Double Feature will premiere, although FX usually put it out in September or October, which lines up with the wrap on filming that took place last month. Are you excited for fresh American Horror Story, though? As always, let us know in the comments section down below.